A New Some Type of Way

For as long as I’ve had the ability to think, reflect and be aware of my thoughts I was sure that all emotions or feelings were not only named but also defined. Until tonight, because during and after my visit with #prisonbae I’ve been feeling some type of way and I can barely even describe it, let alone give it a label.

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PW1Prison wives (or girlfriends, baby mamas, spouses etc.) are a marginalised group of women that are more often than not misunderstood by society. They are constantly viewed as weak women with low self esteem and a lack of self worth.  Prison wives are looked down upon and harshly judged for crimes that they did not commit.

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whatcha gonna do, make our dreams come true.


I’ve realized now at the ripe age of 30, dreams don’t just come true. Not for me at least. In the past I think I’ve made it seem, or sometimes even felt like good things just fell into my lap, but everything I have and everything I am is shit that I worked damn hard for.

drivingOne of my dreams, or wishes or wants or bucket list items – whatever you want to call it – was to take my sweet little man Jake on a road trip to see the world.. or the country. So here we are! Three years later, heading west, jamming to tunes, eating treats and visiting dog parks on what Jake likes to call the ultimate car ride of all car rides. Yes, Theo is with us too but this was a promise I made to Jake when I adopted him in 2015, exactly 3 years ago tomorrow. And although travelling with two very special needs canines can pose quite a challenge, I am so excited for the journey ahead. Just like the journey of my life, and my current search for the perfect career, I am making it happen.jakemosaic


We stopped last night in Regina, I found a dog friendly hotel online. It’s very ghetto but in the price range and perfectly on our way. Free breakfast is a bonus. Today? We head west. For as long as I can keep my head up. After chatting with #prisonbae last night  realized I could drive much longer than I did yesterday and I’m ready to getter done. For those of you worried, because I know you are. I am safe, driving the speed limit and focused on the road.

On that note, here we go! Have a wonderful day, fans!

Much Love,


Shelly T.

Hi, I’m not crazy.

Have you read The Prisoner’s Wife by Asha Bandele? Have you heard a Ted Talk by Shaka Senghor or have you seen his interview on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday? When you read that book, or listened to that podcast did you think “she’s crazy” or “he deserves to rot in there.” Be honest, did you think that? Would you have thought that if he was your brother, or your son? What would you have said if Asha Bandele was your sister or your aunt?


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