Confessions of a Skin Care Addict (episode 1)

I thought about going through my bank statements from the last year to total up how much I have actually spent on skin care items. I’ve decided against it – ignorance is bliss. Growing up my skin was flawless, even my pimply teen years were mild and my twenties? No makeup, no problem. Like many other things in my biology, my 30th birthday was monumental for my dedication to caring for my skin, and my journey to find the perfect anti-aging, moisturizing, exfoliating, pore minimising, blemish fighting, oil-free skin regimen.

I’ve narrowed my shopping trips down to mostly three stores: The Body Shop, Lush and Miniso. I also occasionally also stop in at Portia-Ella whenever I have an excuse to stop by the outlet mall back home. Watch out ladies, this spot is going to change your life and break your bank.

Portia-Ella’s mandate is to offer sustainable, ethical and fair trade beauty products with many animal-free alternatives. Their brands are exclusively Canadian and go through a vigorous selection process before they hit the shelves. So whether you’re vegan, have sensitive skin or are just an all out tree hugging granola hippy you will find products that suit you here. They absolutely do not accept products that test on animals or that have all those weird buzzwords all the new moms are snickering about like parabens, sulphate and synthetic fragrance.

So now you’re thinking “why, Michelle, do you give a shit about some store offering natural beauty products when you clearly use dollar store makeup and have tattooed on eyebrows?” Well, my friends because this is the store where I discovered Sweet LeiLani Purely Tinted Moisturizer. PURELY_TINTED_MOISTURIZER__88148.1516562553

This stuff works miracles on my combination skin, blends beautifully and lasts all day. But my favourite thing is that this is the only product that has successfully hidden or at least dulled the appearance of this unfortunately placed birth mark on my neck that is so cutely always mistaken for a giant hickey. I’ve used concealer, bronzer, pressed powder and cream prescribed by my doctor to try and dull this thing but nevertheless, she persists. While I was browsing at Portia-Ella I inquired about a product that would be fitting for my skin type. Having given up all hope, I was just living my life answering “no, it’s not a hickey.. it’s a birthmark.” I was whisked towards Leilani and swept off my feet with one swipe of that all natural Manitoba-made brush. When the nice human helping me told me the product was designed for coverage of medical imperfections, used on burn victims, rosacea, and inflamed skin I was pretty sceptical yet intrigued. Some 50 or so dollars later I was the proud owner of fresh bottle and a brand new Pure Anada flat top foundation brush and my life has been forever changed. Couple spots of cream and a few dabs of a brush and you might just think my throat region is flawless.

Now don’t get me wrong, I would still kill to shower myself in products from Clinique and Kiehls but my blog isn’t that famous… yet. 😉

Until next time friends… or maybe just Cathy.

xoxo, goodnight.


What does portia-ella mean?

[portia] an offering [ella] feminine. portia-ella is an offering to the feminine within us.
The PE crest is a circular shape, representing the perfect cycle of life.


**Before and After photos of my neck mess to come**